A downloadable game

Dr.  Doggo: Enter the Glitch is a game that was created during the Twitch GlitchCon 2020. Twitch chat was able to decide the main game mechanics, and even the name of the game. After each major decision Twitch chat was then released to wreck havoc upon the streamers itshafu, storymodebae, and wavy.  Where even more more choices were presented to influence the game.

Now for a limited time, you too can harness the power of Dr. Doggo, and relive some of the experiences at GlitchCon! Just download the game, activate the game with Crowd Control, install the Twitch extension, and let your chat decide your fate!

Need help or have questions? Check out our Setup Guide, and if that's not enough feel free to reach out for help at our Discord.


Dr. Doggo